Bartosz Chodorowski

Game programmer, engine programmer

Basic information

Born: November 8th 1988
Location: Warsaw, Poland
Email Address: bartosz at-sign chodorowski dot pro
GnuPG: 542B 089D B4DA 74BA C595  26D7D DA097 C2C0 3CE2FF
Bitcoin: 1GtjC8gv7vb318C6buNDCAeWo7D5MxGmeB
IRC: chomzee @


2015: "A Better Way To Use Lerp To Smooth Things Out" -- blog post at Polish Game Developer, English
2014: "Managing Transformations In Hierarchy" -- chapter 5.3 in GPU Pro 5, A K Peters, English
2012: "Estimating Diameter In Ad-Hoc Networks" -- MSc thesis, English
2011: "Network Engine For Interactive Real-Time Simulations" -- bachelor thesis, English
2008: "OpenGL And Introduction To Game Programming" ("OpenGL I Wprowadzenie Do Programowania Gier") -- book, Polish
2008: "Sniff And Inject!" ("Wąchaj I Wstrzykuj!") -- article on low level network programming, Xploit Magazine 2/2008, Polish
2007: NetHack Review -- published in Linux+ Magazine, Polish


2016 - now: My Hobby Electronics Projects -- stuff I do in my free time
2016: Shadow Warrior 2 -- awesome FPS game
2016: Hard Reset: Redux -- FPS game for PC, XBox One and PS4
2015: Street Arena -- awesome GTA2-like, multiplayer action game
2014: Arcade Speedway -- arcade speedway game for mobile devices
2014: Freakin’ Bird 3D Cyberpunk Edition -- arcade game for mobile devices
2013: Shadow Warrior -- oldschool FPS shooter
2013: Iesabel -- hack n' slash for mobile devices and PC
2011: Sparkle 2 Evo -- arcade game for mobile devices


2010: Encryption And GnuPG, Polish


2013 - now: engine programmer at Flying Wild Hog
2011 - 2017: self-employed at Blossom Games, video games production
2011 - 2013: lead programmer at Madman Theory Games


2007 - 2012: Wrocław University Of Technology; Faculty Of Fundamental Problems Of Technology; Computer Science; Speciality Computer Security
2004 - 2007: High Scool No 2 In Leszno; math class; best mathematician reward